Wyoming Board of Veterinary Medicine

Board Composition

The Board is empowered to provide for the licensure and regulations of Veterinarians and Technicians practicing in Wyoming. There are 5 seats on this Board. The service term for a Board Members is 6 years. The Board is required to meet once a year.

Appointment distribution: The Wyoming State Board of Veterinary Medicine shall consist of four (4) licensed Veterinarians, and one (1) public member.

If you are interested in serving on this or other boards, please visit the Governor's Web Site on Boards.

No Board member may speak on behalf of the entire Board. All questions should be submitted to the Board office and NOT to individual Board members.

Members of the Board

Susie Blaha, DVM


Licensed Veterinarian #674

Boulder, WY

Appointed: March 1, 2012

Term Expires: March 1, 2023

Hallie Hasel, DVM

State Veterinarian

Licensed Veterinarian #1857

Cheyenne, WY

Board Term: Serves pursuant to W.S. 33-30-204(g)

Britney Wallesch

Public Consumer

Cheyenne, WY

Appointed: March 1, 2021

Term Expires: March 1, 2027

James Morrison, DVM

Licensed Veterinarian #554

Evansville, WY

Appointed: May 16, 2019

Term Expires: March 1, 2025

Gary Norwood, DVM

Vice President

Licensed Veterinarian #639

Cheyenne, WY

Appointed: March 1, 2019

Term Expires: March 1, 2025

Leonard Wilford, DVM

Licensed Veterinarian #813

Afton, WY

Appointed: March 1, 2017

Term Expires: March 1, 2023